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Dinosaur Chess is written and published by Universis Technology Ltd.

The company's founder Paul Shafi, has been a keen chess player since childhood. Playing at school and club level in and around Dundee, Scotland. The experience of teaching his young son to play the game inspired him to develop Dinosaur Chess.

Paul is also the Managing Director of Atlantis North Ltd (who are the worldwide operator of the .gs Top Level Domain registry), the Technical Director of the Centre for Remote Environments at Dundee University and an Honorary Senior Research Fellow within Dundee University. Paul holds an honours degree in Electrical Engineering and Micro Computing Systems from Glasgow University.



The Grandmasters of Dundee

Dundee is Scotland's fourth largest city, yet it has produced Scotland's first two grand masters Paul Motwani and Colin McNab There must be something on those Dundee cakes!

Universis Technology

Universis Technology was founded in 2001 and has a growing reputation in educational and information design software.

Paul and his son Paul and his son.




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