Chessok The home page of Convekta Ltd, distributor of Dinosaur Chess.
Carse of Gowrie Chess Club Our favourite chess club!
Children's Chess Olympiad
This site is the encyclopedia of team chess. The page given here provides information on the FIDE competition for children under 16 years of age.
FIDE World Chess Federation
(Federation Internationale des Echecs)
The governing body of chess. This site explains the rating system and contains FIDE Top Players lists - who is the highest rated player in the world today?
Academic Chess American organisation that brings quality chess coaching to schools. There are some great online resources my favourite at the moment is FANTASY FISCHER FINISHES where "Bobby Fischer has "disappeared" to the bathroom and has asked you to take over...don't mess up! He might never come back!". They also host a very slick looking online chess site where you can play live chess or have multiple games running in correspondence style.
Chess KidsFree online chess course for kids. It also has a good set of links.
Chess Scotland This site includes a section on chess in Scottish schools.
Wonder ChessThe chess set with a prize inside. This site also contains information on how children benefit from playing chess.
The Chess HouseServing the chess community since 1972
Red hot chessGreat site for correspondence style chess - move when your ready, games can takes days or weeks. Play up to six games at a time for free. They also have separate flags for Scotland, England, Wales and United Kingdom! You have to have spent time in Britain to appreciate this level of detail.
Chess Tactics Server Richard Teichmann famously said "Chess is 99% tactics.", Dan Heisman says "Chess isn't 99% tactics, it's just that tactics takes up 99% of your time". Whatever your view once you've mastered the basics this site is a great way to train your eye for those game winning tricks such as forks and pins. The time limits are brutal but they will blow the cobwebs away. (More chess tactics quotes here)

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